The Ultimate Portable Professional RGB Beginner’s Lighting Kit – FS60B

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Kit Contains :
FS 60B
Para – 60
Pavotube 6Cii.


Introducing the Ultimate Portable Professional RGB Beginner’s Lighting Kit – The Complete Solution for Versatile and Stunning Lighting!

FS 60B Bi-Color Hard Light:
Experience the brilliance of bi-color hard light with the FS 60B, providing you with the perfect balance between warm and cool tones. This compact and portable light is not only versatile but can be easily transformed into soft light, ensuring you achieve the desired mood effortlessly.

Para-60 with Grid:
Control and shape your light precisely with the Para-60 softbox, featuring a high-quality grid to refine and direct your lighting exactly where you need it. This combination guarantees a beautifully diffused and controlled illumination, allowing you to capture professional-quality shots in any environment.

Pavotube 6Cii RGB Ambient Fill Light:
Take your creativity to the next level with the Pavotube 6Cii. This compact RGB tube light offers endless possibilities for ambient fill, allowing you to splash your scenes with vibrant colors or subtle tones. Portable and easy to use, the Pavotube 6Cii is the perfect companion for achieving cinematic lighting on the go.

Perfect for Every Scenario:
Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, or content creator, this kit is designed to meet all your lighting needs. From dynamic and dramatic shots to soft and flattering portraits, the combination of FS 60B, Para-60, and Pavotube 6Cii offers a complete lighting solution for any project.

User-Friendly and Portable:
Designed for professionals and beginners alike, this lighting kit is easy to set up and operate. Its compact and portable nature makes it ideal for both studio and on-location shoots, ensuring that you can achieve stunning results wherever your creativity takes you.

Unleash Your Creativity:
With the FS 60B, Para-60, and Pavotube 6Cii, your lighting possibilities are limitless. Elevate your work and bring your creative visions to life with this comprehensive and portable RGB lighting kit.

Order Your Kit Now:
Upgrade your lighting game and bring out the best in your work. Don’t miss out on the chance to own the Ultimate Portable Professional RGB Lighting Kit. Order yours today and illuminate your creativity!