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Introducing the NEXT Deep Octa by Photoquip, a sought-after choice, particularly during portrait sessions. Its octagonal shape creates a distinctive, natural shine in the subject’s eyes while producing soft, diffused lighting.

The NEXT Deep Octa takes this a step further by featuring a lamp that’s more deeply rooted, resulting in a focused beam of light compared to traditional octagonal softboxes. This grants better control over the light beam, enhancing contrast in photos while preserving the softness typical of such softboxes.

Incorporating an internal diffuser in addition to the main front dispersive plane ensures even light distribution and a unique lighting softness. The front part is equipped with a flange for the quick assembly of a honeycomb grid using a Velcro mount.

The mounting ring’s design allows for seamless 360-degree rotation of the softbox, facilitating effortless adjustments. Assembling the softbox is a breeze, and its Bowens-type mount ensures compatibility with all the brands. The NEXT Deep Octa promises superior lighting control and softness, making it an ideal tool for photographers.