Nanlux Octagonal Softbox for Evoke LED Light (59″)

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    Key Features

  • Silver Interior
  • Creates Even, Directional Light
  • Grid Narrows Beam Spread
  • Softens Light from Bright LEDs
  • Removable Front & Interior Diffusers
Nanlux Octagonal Softbox 150Cm w/NLM Mount Overview
Designed for the Evoke LED fixture, the Octagonal Softbox for Evoke LED Light from Nanlux is a 59″ modifier that softens the light quality of the bright LEDs. Because of its large diameter it will easily illuminate small groups of people, but it really shines when used for individual portraiture. The softbox renders flattering light with open shadows, and creates a wraparound look that is more pronounced as you move it closer to your subject.

The modifier has a silver interior to maximize the light’s output, and removable front and inner diffusers give you contrast options. An eggcrate grid narrows the beam angle, eliminates spill light, and facilitates selective lighting. Nanlux generously provides a carry bag for storage and location shooting.


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