Nanlux Lantern Softbox for Evoke LED Light (47.2″)

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    Key Features

  • Silver Interior
  • Softens Light from Bright LEDs
  • Two Blackout Fabrics
  • Creates Even, Omnidirectioal Light
  • Two Blackout Fabrics
Nanlux Lantern Softbox 120Cm w/NLM Mount Overview
Designed for the Evoke LED fixture, the Lantern Softbox for Evoke LED Light from Nanlux is a 47.2″ modifier that softens the light quality of the bright LEDs. Because of its large spherical diameter it expands the luminous area of an Evoke fixture, creating a smooth, even quality of light in all directions.

The modifier has a silver interior to maximize the light’s output. Two removable dark fabric panels eliminate spill light and facilitate selective lighting. Nanlux generously provides a carry bag for storage and location shooting.


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