Nanlux 26° and 60° Reflector Kit for Evoke 1200

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Key Features

  • One 26° Reflector, One 60° Reflector
  • Beam Spread Options
  • Medium and Wide Reflectors
Nanlux 26 Degrees And 60 Degrees Reflector Fo… Overview
Nanlux has put together this 26° and 60° Reflector Kit for Evoke 1200 to offer you options for both a narrow and a wide beam spread. The kit includes a 26° reflector for spot or long-throw work, and a 60° reflector for a wide beam spread.Nanlux Reflector for Evoke 1200 (60°)
The Reflector for Evoke 1200 from Nanlux has a 60° beam spread and is engineered to enable high light outputs at long distances. It can widen the coverage area of the beam to produce a very broad swath of light all according to reflector angle.Nanlux Reflector for Evoke 1200 (26°)
The 26° Reflector for Evoke 1200 is a specially designed modifier with an NL mount for the Evoke 1200. It produces a high output and a directional beam. The reflector is engineered for long distance work.


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